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Precision Products for a Global Community

New Tooling

  • Die cast mold making:
    • Built in-house
    • Specially built to suit your application; i.e. how to achieve quality requirements with highest CPK performance; low, medium, or high quantities; years of service needed including post mass production service volume; minimal maintenance; etc
    • Prototype molds
    • Mass production – long term molds
      • Complete molds
      • Unit dies
    • With or without hydraulic or mechanical side coring
    • Flow analysis
    • Gage Making and Machine Fixture Building:
      • Highly cost and delivery effective.
      • Made in-house and developed concurrently with the mold and die building for the common goal of quality and reliability
      • Built on the Total Manufacturing Concept for your product(s) and program(s)
    • Trim Dies:
      • Built in-house
      • Mass production – long term molds
        • Complete molds
        • Unit dies
  • In-House Tooling Making (since 1965):
    • Founded on German Tool Making Apprenticeship
    • In-house manufacture of: Molds, Trim Dies, Machining Fixtures, & Gages;
    • New Tooling produced from drawings or models;
    • Mold Flow analysis available
    • Excellent tool life (may vary with customer requests);
    • Some of the most Cost effective value / part;
    • CIP capacity and technology for 21st Century In-house tool making apprenticeship program
    • Involved with the local Votech machine trades program
    • NTMA national apprenticeship competition
    • Combined tooling technology into our die casting operation and systems