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Precision Products for a Global Community

Responsibility to Customers and Society

At IMG, we pride ourselves on working together with one very important priority as our goal: a satisfied customer.  We know that customer satisfaction is the key to our successful future and we know that we can guarantee that satisfaction only by providing the highest possible standards of quality in our product and in our service.  That's why we monitor our production every step along the way - to assure the quality product that our customers deserve.  But even more importantly, we feel that every customer deserves a special kind of service - service that includes technical expertise at every stage of every project, from design assistance to dependable delivery.  We strongly feel that our unique production facilities in tooling, casting and machining give us positive advantages that we can share with our customers in the form of quality and service.

Community Service

With corporate support we have sanctioned regular blood drives throughout the many years and have donated over 50 gallons of blood for our community blood banks.