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An effective combination of manual and CNC machining is used at International Manufacturing Group.  Each machine and process is chosen especially for the application. The combination of equipment and processes also allows the development of new talent, apprentices, and interns to progress into journeymen and tool makers.  International Manufacturing Group has been developing new tool makers since the 1970’s and beginning in the 1980’s was one of Florida’s first certified apprenticeship facilities.

Flexibility for one (1) piece or thousands made in steel, aluminum, plastic, nylon, etc machining can be accommodated with a variety of machining options.

  • Quantities:
    • 1-Piece
    • Low or Medium Quantities
    • High Volume
  • Fundamentals – manual machining:
    • Engine lathes, drill presses
    • Bridgeports, Kearney Trecker Milling Machines
    • Surface grinders with Harig heads, angle plates, etc
    • Jig grinders
    • Cutter grinders
    • EDMs
  • CNC Machining:
    • (11) Vertical CNC Machines
      • (1) with pallet changer
    • (6) 4-axis units
    • (1) CNC Lathe
    • Numerous Single & Multi-spindle machines
    • Transfer lines for higher volume – dedicated processes
  • Multi-Spindle Machining or Transfer Lines:
    • Round Tables
    • Linear Transfer Lines
    • Multi-Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machines

Multi-Spindle Transfer Line

Highly Flexible CNC Machines