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Sand Casting

Sand casting has a low set up cost compared to die casting.  Patterns can be produced more quickly and cheaply than molds for die casting, and can be modified easily. This can make sand casting a good choice for low volume production castings, prototype castings and converting welded parts to castings. 

Sand castings can be produced with a variety of surface finishes, dimensional precision, finish allowances and draft. Sand casting is frequently used for large objects.

On the other hand, sand cast products generally have a less finished surface than die cast products.  Finishing processes add more time and cost to each individual part, as well as producing more waste. Patterns for sand casting have a shorter life than molds for die casting.

For any project, it is important to determine the break-even point at which the cost of initial setup is offset by savings in production. International Manufacturing Group can help customers determine the most cost effective and efficient process based on geometries, quantities, deadlines and finishing requirements.